Green Project for Private Equity

Green Project Technologies’ carbon accounting platform enables your portfolio companies to easily track, report, and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, without burdening staff with the complex, labor-intensive task of measuring emissions in-house. Green Project's carbon accounting solution is designed to enable private equity firms to implement carbon accounting practices across their portfolio companies. that contains this content.

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Standardized reports

Receive monthly reports in the same format from all of your portfolio companies, and easily generate aggregate reports

Automated Data Collection

Our automatic data collection system integrates with over 60 popular accounting platforms and all major utilities to pull data on a monthly basis. Implementation is painless for companies of any size--simply connect up your data sources, and let our platform do the rest.

Attract Investors, Customers and Talent

Increasingly, investors--and top talent--are seeking out firms making tangible, data-driven efforts to improve their sustainability practices. Green Project will provide you with reports and graphics to communicate your sustainability progress, as well as a white-labeled public dashboard which you can share with your employees and clients.

The Flawless Template

Is your Private Equity firm looking for a plug-and-play carbon accounting solution?

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