If you can't measure it, you can't manage it.

Our software makes it simple for your organization to monitor and manage its GHG emissions and the emissions of your suppliers, vendors and investments

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Carbon Footprint Management Platform

Downloadable Disclosures and Reports

Download reports at any time that comply with the GHG Protocols, ILPA, GRI, SASB and other compliance frameworks

Complete Emissions & ESG Data Tracking

Our software tracks all relevant ESG-related metrics, including scope 3 emissions, and integrates with your existing data sources and applications to minimize the administrative work for your team.

Vetted Carbon Offsets

We have a multi-step process for vetting high quality offsets. This includes making sure they are both easily quantifiable as well as have "additionality."

Admin Dashboard for Private Equity and Real Estate Investments

See detailed breakdowns of your GHG emissions across your investment portfolio and have instantly downloadable reports to share with LPs

Supply Chain Dashboard

We allow your firm to track and understand the GHG emission of your entire supply chain. For suppliers, we give you the option to share your data with larger organizations looking to access the data

API Database of 50,000+ GHG emission factors

Access lifecycle GHG emission data for everything from Dairy made in Texas to Electricity produced in San Diego

Trusted Emissions Data

We only use the highest quality data sourcing data sets from the EPA, GHG Protocols, Environmental Defense Fund, Top Universities, and Government Research Studies

Data transparently sourced from reputable sources

Methodology audited and approved by 3rd parties

Compliant with major ESG frameworks

What Companies Are Saying

"We struggle to collect emissions data on our supply chain"

Large corporations have expressed the biggest difficulty they face is tracking the emissions of their suppliers and vendors. GPT solves this with our supplier and vendor dashboard.

"There is no affordable solution to track our portfolio investments' GHG emissions "

LPs and investors are increasingly looking for ESG and sustainability data on private equity and real estate investments. GPT solves this with an easy to use admin dashboard for any investment firm

"We are receiving emissions surveys from large corporations and don't know where to start"

Many SMEs are being pressured to disclose their emissions data but have not yet started tracking it. GPT acts as an outsourced CSO to get you the exact reports and data you need.

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