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Unlike other software providers, Green Project's carbon accounting & ESG management was purpose-built for the private markets

Green Project for PE & VC Firms

Green Project has completed carbon inventories and collected ESG data for over 400 portfolio companies across 50 GPs.

Our easy-to-use software provides your portfolio companies with tools to measure their carbon footprint and aggregate social and governance data quickly. And our investor management dashboards allow you to view data for all your companies, in one convenient location. With Green Project, collecting ESG information becomes an opportunity and not a burden.​

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Automated Data Collection

Our automatic data collection system integrates with over 60 popular accounting platforms and all major utilities to pull data on a monthly basis. Implementation is painless for companies of any size--simply connect up your data sources, and let our platform do the rest.

Investor Dashboard

As an investor, you'll have access to your own dashboard where you can monitor portfolio companies' ESG performance, generate portfolio-wide ESG reports, and uncover actionable insights for improving your ESG metrics.