Our platform

Secure. Compliant. Automated.

We connect to 12,000+ utilities around the world

Automatically pull your electric, gas, water, and waste utility usage information both historically and on an ongoing basis


Works with all major business accounting & travel platforms

For Scope 3 Emissions
We can automatically connect your financial accounting software or offer excel templates, whichever is easier for your business!
For Social and Governance Data
Pre-set survey questions for the leading frameworks. You can also customize questions for your portfolio or supply chain companies
For GPs and Supply Chain Managers
Portfolio and supply chain management dashboard allowing you to visualize, benchmark and download reports across businesses by industry or fund


Built for Businesses

Green Project's platform was designed for modern businesses.

Our cloud-based architecture allows authorized employees to access the platform no matter where they work, and includes industry-standard security features and unlimited user accounts for each customer.

End-to-end Encyrption

We understand that cyber security and data protection are top-of-mind for leading businesses. That's why all data stored on our platform (including data inputs, and calculated outputs) is fully encrypted both in-transit and at-rest, in accordance with our data management policy.

GDPR Compliant

Green Project operates in full compliance with GDPR, and all policies and procedures related to data privacy are reviewed anually by our EU and UK privacy representatives.

To learn more about how we ensure data is processed lawfully under GDPR, click here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions you need answers to.

How long does onboarding take?

Onboarding typically takes our clients between 15-20 business days. We'll ask you a few quick questions about your company size, industry & location, and configure your account to securely connect with your existing data systems

How much does Green Project cost?

Green Project charges a annual subscription fee to access our platform and services. We're committed to making carbon accounting accessible for businesses of all sizes.

What if I can't connect my software

For customers who don't feel comfortable linking their financial accounting software and utility accounts, we provide numerous easy-to-use data collection options to minimize the workload on your end.

We're not sure where to begin with ESG — can you help us first construct an general ESG policy?

Yes, we have prepared an ESG policy guide and template to support Private Equity and Venture Capital firms on their sustainability journey. Feel free to reach out if this might be of service to your company

Is Green Project secure?

Green Project's platform is fully secure, and all customer data is encrypted at all times. Our security posture is reviewed anually by an external auditor, and our development and engineering teams receive regular cybersecurity training.