Regulatory Reporting

With Green Project, collecting climate data for upcoming regulations becomes an opportunity and not a burden.​

Green Project for CSRD, SB 253 & 261

Green Project’s software is third-party verified and complete with full-audit trails making it the go-to platform for compliance reporting for upcoming regulations. Green Project's platform is around 50% more affordable than competitors while still maintaining the highest level of audit-readiness.

With a team across 3 continents and full R&D team focused on regulatory changes, Green Project stays compliant with all the regulations for climate reporting so you don't have to.

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Automated Data Collection

Our automatic data collection system integrates with over 12,000 utility providers and over 40 popular travel and accounting platforms. Implementation is painless for companies of any size--simply connect up your data sources, and let our platform do the rest.

Attract Investors, Customers, and Talent

Whether you sell B2B or directly to consumers, you've probably notice that your customers--and top talent--are seeking out firms making tangible, data-driven efforts to improve their sustainability practices. Green Project will provide you with reports and graphics to communicate your sustainability progress, as well as a white-labeled public dashboard which you can share with your employees and clients.