Green Project Launches New White Label Offering


March 26, 2024


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Gideon Kotkowski

New York, NY - Green Project Technologies, a leading SaaS-based data management platform offering accessible, audit-grade carbon accounting, announced the launch of the Green Project White Label solution. This product serves the ESG provider market, introducing a customizable and easy-to-use platform for ESG service firms – consultancies, accountants, and other software – to embed first-class branded carbon accounting directly into their existing sustainability practices.

Instead of dealing with spreadsheets or opting for outsourcing, White Label partners can bring Green Project’s capabilities in-house to reduce calculation time, integrate automated data quality checks and estimation protocols, and generate audit-ready emissions reports for disclosure into major ESG frameworks, all in their own branding and design style. This is achieved through a managed emission factor hub, comprehensive data gap analyses, and an intuitive self-service design. Green Project’s SSO capabilities, platform interoperability, and dedicated admin portal ensure a seamless end-to-end experience.

“We want consulting firms to spend less time measuring emissions with clients, and more time reducing them. Too many resources are put into simply reporting in a clear and error-free way. We remove that obstacle so businesses can focus on what matters – driving data-driven decarbonization. Now, consulting firms can white label Green Project to make that possible for their own clients,” said Sam Stark, Founder and CEO of Green Project. “This is a leap forward towards scalable and sustainable reporting: no more spreadsheets, no more human error, no more busy work. Just good data and actionable reporting.” 

“Green Project's white-labeled carbon accounting platform enables consulting firms to provide a professional, bespoke experience to support their clients' sustainability goals,” said ACT Commodities U.S. CEO Ronald Rozgonyi. “We're delighted to support this launch and bring streamlined carbon accounting and reporting to a new audience that has relied on traditional and manual methods for so long." 

Green Project White Label enables our service partners to quickly and effectively provide best-in-class carbon accounting to the clients who rely on them. After successful testing with several early partners, Green Project is excited to officially launch this powerful solution. Learn more.

About Green Project

Since its foundation in 2021, Green Project has helped more than 500 customers track and report on carbon emissions. By providing API integrations with internal systems and tools, Green Project aims to democratize climate reporting so any size business or consulting firm can track and report on emissions data in a seamless, audit-ready, and scalable way.